Friday, September 02, 2005

First Time Ever Blogging

Well this is my first time ever blogging. It'll be great to look back and read my random thoughts as I prepare to hopefully complete Ironman Arizona in April 2006.

Random thoughts
(1) My wife, Lisa, doesn't seem to keen on this IMAZ thing. I guess I spend too much time talking about it and this likely makes her feel like our relationship is low on the priority scale. I've got to work to help be a better husband and see to her emotional needs and balance that w/ training.
(2) Heading out to Los Angeles this Thursday to compete in the LA Tri. The trip is kinda expensive, but since I'm from LA, it'll be a chance for my Dad to see me race. He's almost as pumped up as I am. I love my Dad, in many respects he's my best friend.
(3) Triathlon sure is expensive. Did I already say that?
(4) I currently suck at swimming. But I'm committed to swimming ~10K yards/week. I'm working w/ a great coach weekly. So I've got some confidence that I'm going to get better. My best sprint (750m) swim was 19:26 at Lake Norman YMCA Tri here in NC.
(5) NC is a really beautiful place. Specifically Durham as well. There's really good diversity, the weather is pretty good, we have good resturants (Cosmic Cantina - best burros!), people are friendly, traffic isn't too bad, and I only have to go like 6 miles and I'm out on country roads w/ little traffic and no lights. I forgot Duke Forest is one of the best places to run ever.
(6) I feel lucky to be a member of Carolina Godiva Track Club and Fleet Feet Tri Team. The endurance athletics community here is good.

That's all for now. We'll see how this blogging thing goes.

"Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude"

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Lee said...

Hello Rob!

It’s your wife and I wanted to say that I enjoy reading about your quest at staying fit and competing in various triathlons. Best wishes and continued success with your fitness.