Friday, September 23, 2005

LA Triathlon - Olympic Distance

Its been awhile since I posted... Did the LA Triathlon 2 weekends ago. It was nice seeing my family. I was born and raised in LA. Also it was good seeing old friends from back in the day. It reminded me how relationships are special and should be nourished. All of my buddies I connected w/ seem to be doing really good. Wow everyone's property is really appreciating out in LA. I'm happy for them.

Now for the race report. I was really pleased w/ my performance. The race went really good for me. I actually finished right near the middle of the pack for the swim (65/122 AG ranking males 40-44). I tried to concentrate on a good stroke w/ high elbow recovery, streamlining, and sighting. I felt like I stayed on course pretty good. It helped that it was a rather large race so I had plenty of swim caps to sight on. Also I felt very buoyant due to the salt water and wetsuit. My swim split was 31:55 (1:56/100 yd pace), which also included running through the sand to the transition area. I've never swam under a 2min/100yd pace in a race. Looks like my swim coaching work is showing some good improvement in my races.

The race was a point to point course where we started at Venice Beach and finished in downtown Los Angeles. The bike and run also went good. We had a bit of a cross-wind for the bike, but I felt pretty strong for that leg (25/122 ranking). I was motivated on the bike by another guy who stayed just in front of me. He had a really nice Litespeed and so I was doing my best to hang w/ a guy on a titanium rig. My bike time ended up being 1:10:59 which was a 21.0 mph pace.

I slowed a little for the run 48:39 which was a 7:49 pace (30/122 AG ranking), but had good energy and never felt any onsets of a bonk. I ended up finishing 26/122 in my age-group and 264/1093 for overall males. My complete race time was 2:36:40.

That's all for now.

"Your attitude determines your altitude"

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