Saturday, November 26, 2005

Long Ride

Did my long ride today. 80 miles w/ a 30 min brick run. Hooked up w/ one of the rides from a LBS. I let myself get sucked into a faster pace than I really wanted. But, overall I got a good workout.

I've been reading Gordo's "Going Long", specially the mental training section. I'm going to start thinking like the IM is a reality and I will do well. Here are my goals:

Reasonable finish time: anything less than 13 hours. I may be able to go low 12 hours. I will have a good swim.

I will stick w/ my training routine. I will stretch consistently.

Saw a post on Slowtwitch about another cyclist killed. The cyclist was killed by a 17 year old who was text messaging while driving!

God, please protect me and all the other cyclists out there.


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