Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving yesterday was nice hanging out w/ friends and family. Friends and family are really an important part of life. Sometimes w/ IM training, one can get myopic and lose focus on the important parts of life. Not that 6 months of training are unimportant, but friends and family are so important especially in the long run. This season I'm grateful to God for the good people he put in my life.

Had a nice swim this morning. Got in 3900 yds and I didn't feel wiped out. Its amazing how a year and a half ago, I could barely swim one lap. Now I'm preparing to swim 2.4 miles.

Lisa is gone shopping w/ her girlfriend, so I'm home alone. This will give me a chance to clean up the house. It'll be a nice for her to come home and I've taken care of the housework. I may even up together a nice, healthy dinner tonight too.

Planning to run an easy 45-60 min run on a hilly route. I'll probably head over to Duke Forest. That is such a nice place to run. I'm really fortunate where I live has so many nice running areas.

I've got an 80 miler for tommorrow morning. I'll get in 15, hook up w/ one of the bike shops here for their weekly 50 miler and then 15 back to the car. It'll be cold in the beginning. Low temps will be in the upper 20's w/ a high in the mid-50's.


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