Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Rainy Century

Wow, yesterday's century was quite the experience. I thought it would be a good idea to go 3 loops from the house. The idea was to simulate IMAZ, which is a 3 loop course. Each loop was ~33 miles. Well it was all good, except it started rainy about 5 miles into the 2nd loop. At first I thought it would let up, but it didn't. We had 0.35" of rain, w/ light winds. The one good thing is that the temps were in the mid-50's, so it didn't feel too cold.

During the 2nd loop, I was thinking of bagging it and just finish up on the trainer, but to my suprise I saw about 3 groups of cyclists out there dealing w/ the elements. Seeing those guys (and gals too!) gave me inspiration to tough it out and get in the 3rd loop, even though it was raining.

Well my IMAZ 3 loop simulation was successfully completed, but I seriously doubt I'll see 0.35" of continuous rain in Phoenix.

One last thought, that was my 5th ride over 90 miles over the last 7 weeks. It amazes me that a century is now a training ride. Centuries used to be epic rides. Now its a training session.


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