Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just Plain Tired Today

I haven't posted in awhile. Did another century yesterday afternoon/evening. Today we are having rain all day, and I just didn't want to be soaking wet again. Last Saturday it rained for my century and I was going to tough it out, but I only did 50 miles outside and finished up on the trainer for 3 hours doing the "Tough Love" Spinerval DVD.

Right now its raining, pretty much has been all day, and I'm in bed @ 3 in the afternoon on the laptop. I'm feeling blue today for some reason. I went to Durham County Jail for the church ministry and usually I'm in an attitude of gratitude when I leave, but today I was just sad. Man, some of those guys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe I'm just tired/overtrained from yesterday's workouts. I did a 3000 yd swim in the morning. I went to work and asked my boss if I could take a half day vacation to get my long ride in. The forecast called for rain and possibly a wintery mix so I figured I might as well ride on Friday.

The ride went okay. I rode out to my cousin Winston's house in Wake Forest. It was cool seeing him and his son. Chatted a bit and then headed back. I got back to Durham right before dark w/ 82 miles on the odometer. I really wanted to get in the century mark, so I strapped on the light and rode the ATT to finish up the last few miles.

I usually do the long ride after a rest day, but on Thursday I did my long run of 2:30. So my legs are good and loaded right now. I'm just going to chill for the rest of the day. My wife is going to the movies w/ her girlfriend to see, "Something New". She invited me, but I'm just going to pass and veg out at home. Maybe I'll straighten up the house a little bit. I wish I could get a nap. Can't seem to get sleepy enough though.

Well I've written quite a bit now. I plan to post some pics from my new Motorola E815 camera once I learn to download them.