Friday, March 03, 2006

Umstead Park Run

Been a minute since I posted.

Yesterday, I got in another 2:30 run. I did it in Umstead park. Man that is a beautiful place to run. Great hills (though manageable), solitude, peace, awesome running surface (my knees appreciate that), just a good place. I skipped out of work early and started at ~4:15, finishing a little before 7. Twilight was turning to darkness and the experience was a little surreal. I'm really blessed to live here and have these nice running places (Duke Forest, Umstead) so close.

Today will be an off day. Finally I got a decent forecast for tomorrows long bike. Its supposed to be a high of 55. The low is 28, so it'll be cold heading out, but I've gotten pretty good w/ the layering thing. My coach has me doing 120 miles, w/ some IM pacing intervals thrown in; 5k brick run afterwards. We'll see how it goes. At least now I don't have to ride the Friday after my long run, due to heavy rain forecasts on the last 2 Sats my long bike was scheduled.

Well thats enough for now.

Peace, Rob

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