Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Random Thoughts

I haven't posted in awhile. I thought I'd drop a few random thoughts out there:

1) Allergy season sucks in NC. My throat, skin, eyes, you name it has been itchy a lot lately. It should die down shortly though.

2) I'm really blessed w/ my job. I have a totally cool boss and the work isn't stressful. I do failure analysis, so I don't have to worry about meeting a bunch of quotas and things. I've really got it good.

3) I think I made a mistake signing up White Lake 1/2 Ironman. The race is only 4 weeks from IM Arizona. What was I thinking!

4) I go to a pretty cool church. I get a lot of gratitude for my life when I participate w/ the jail ministry. God has blessed me that I'm not behind bars. Who knows if my life went a little different, I could be in prison instead of doing triathlons.

5) I've got to get more rest. Stop drinking caffienated drinks in the evenings. Also I get the serious munchies at night. I'm afraid I'm going to put on a bunch of weight and lose the fitness I worked so hard for when training for IMAZ.

Thats all for know.


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Lee said...

Hello Rob!

It’s your wife and I wanted to say that I enjoy reading about your quest at staying fit and competing in various triathlons. Best wishes and continued success with your fitness.