Friday, May 12, 2006

White Lake Half

Did the White Lake Half last Sat. The race went pretty good. I improved my finishing time from last year's 5:26 to this year at 5:18. I feel really good about this considering I had just did IM Arizona ~1 month prior to WL.

I left the house about 3:45AM and drove to the race. Its about a 2 hour drive that wasn't bad at all. I was pumping the tunes and getting in the zone. One good thing about driving in the early morning is that there are hardly no commericials. I got 50 Cent, "Best Friend" stuck in my head.

The swim went really good. I sighted often and stay pretty much on course. One of our tri team coaches said that sighting is really important and man that was really true. I finished w/ a 40' swim. That was an improvement from last years 47'.

The bike was a blast. I had some good energy for the ride. I passed a bunch of people and stayed strong. The last 20 miles of the ride were into a headwind and also you had to ride over a bunch of road sealing. That part was tough. Those road seals definitely added some discomfort. Last years time was 2:43 and I improved this year w/ a ride of 2:40.

My run was slower than last year's 1:49. I ran a 1:52 this year. My coach told me the run is the last thing to recover after IM, so he wasn't too suprised I slowed down on the run. Overall I felt it was a good race. But now I'm taking some meaningful downtime. 2 weeks w/ no workouts and an additional two weeks w/ unstructured workouts. Nothing hard or long. Thats all for now.

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