Monday, June 26, 2006

Blood Sweat and Gears

I love the name of this race, BSG. I did the BSG ride last Saturday. Oh that was a tough one. So many hills/mountains. It took place in the western part of the state in the mountain communities of Watuagua County. One of the big landmarks there is Applachian State University (the other ASU, since me and Lisa are totally partial to the real ASU - Arizona State).

We took off w/ the threat of scattered thunderstorms, but the good Lord was good to us and the rain held off until the event was over. There were 672 riders doing the full century (100 miles) and another 335 doing the 50 miler. The ride was billed as 13,000 feet of climbing and also as one of the spots Lance Armstrong used to train in. The race is so popular that it sold out.

At first I felt sluggish then about 10 miles into it I starting getting a little zip to my legs. It was probably that first early climb that woke me up. The initial climbs went good and I just soaked in the awesome scenery of the mountain ranges. Man its really pretty up in the western part of the state.

Throughout the ride I hung on w/ different groups of riders and also spent some considerable time solo. The most streneous part of the ride was a climb called "Snake Mountain". The grade was advertised as 18-20% in the steepest section. I did see a number of riders stop and walk their bikes up this section. I managed somehow to keep the cranks turning and made it to the top w/o stopping.

All in all it was a good day. I finished w/ a time of 6 hours 41 minutes. That put in 369th out of 672 riders for the 102 mile ride. I'm not sure if I'll do this again next year. My weight picked up a bit after IMAZ; I'm now at 182 lbs. Before IMAZ I got down to 176lbs. Although its not a lot of weight gain, I feel it, especially on hilly rides.

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