Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What's Going On?

Bro. Marvin sang, "What's Going On?". I haven't posted in awhile and thought I'd put down what's going on w/ me.

1) I somehow have gotten a hernia. Tri season is done for '06. I'm kinda bummed, as I was really feeling my speed pick up after IMAZ. I was stuck on long and slow, but in the last 6 or so weeks my speed was getting good, now this. I guess I'm getting old.

2) I'll likely have the surgery after Lisa and I return from our European vacation. I'm kinda psyched about going, but there'a cloud over my head w/ this hernia deal. Oh well.

3) Chad, a kid I was helping out from church w/ speedwork at the track, met his goal of sub 12 mins for 2 miles at the varsity soccer team tryouts. I'm really proud of him.

4) Its been a hot summer. I'm sweating like crazy during w/o's.

5) I just feel kinda blase lately. I need to snap out of it.


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Anonymous said...


I am so sorry about your hernia. I am sure after the surgery everything will be fine! I am sure you will return to your fitness once your healing process is over.