Saturday, September 16, 2006

Biggie Rob

Man, I'm putting on weight. I used to way 176 before IMAZ; this morning I got on the scale and weighed in a 185. I even did a fast-paced 6 mile walk w/ Lisa. We did have breakfast before I weighed in, but I feel really heavy. Being 5'9", 185 is too much. Now's time to get committed to eating sensibly and healthy. First order of business, eliminate late night ice cream.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm In IMMoo 2007!

I totally haven't posted in a minute. Well couple of big things in my life lately.

I had inguinal hernia surgery last Wed. Recovery is going good, w/ minimal pain. Saw the doc today for my first post-op visit, he said everything is going good and gave me the green light to start easing back into training.

Also I registered for IMMoo last Mon. The race is known as IMMoo due to the dairy farms on the course. I was lucky to get in since the race sold out in 1 hour. On a triathlon forum I frequent called Slowtwitch. com, many people complained about not being able to register. The ironic thing is I registered using a dial-up connection.

I'm looking forward to working w/ my coach John Hirsch again, and rock this IM thing one more time.

The only bummer is that the race falls on my 9th anniversay, 9/9. All these nines! Lisa's deportment has been kinda cool since I registered. Not only is she my wife, but my best friend too, so that bums me a bit. I love doing IM. It really makes me feel like I'm tackling life and pushing my limits. But I its not worth it for Lisa to feel bad. I've got some praying to do for guidance.

Well that's all for know. The game is back on.