Sunday, October 08, 2006

European Holiday Coming Up

Getting pretty pumped about heading to Europe for vacation. This will be the first time Lisa and I have ever been to Europe. We're going to Milan and Paris. Should be a sweet trip.

I'm taking my running and swim gear to try and keep up some fitness during the visit. It should be interesting to swim at one of the pools in Milan and Paris and swim laps w/ the locals.

Switching gears...
Had a good telecon w/ Coach J. We're gonna get back in the swing of things after I get back from Europe. I need it too. I still can't control my eating and hence my weight is staying up there.

This time of year is pretty cool to try new/fun things before getting back to SBR training. I'd like to start doing some hikes. Which would be very cool since Lisa could join me. Also I've cleaned up my old mountain bike and I plan to get back on that again.

That's all for now.