Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in the Swing of Things

Wow its been a long time since I've posted. Here's some updates:

1) Lisa and I's vacation to Milan and Paris was great. We saw and experienced so many things. Some of the highlights were:
a) The Louve
b) Versailles Palace (home of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette)
c) Champs Elysees
d) Running in the 20Km des Paris race
e) Attending a symphony at Teatro alla Scala
f) Hearing great jazz in Europe, Kenny Garrett at the Blue Note - Milan and Branford Marsalis at La Cigale - Paris
g) Really good coffee in Milan (loved that espresso)

2) I'm back in the saddle for working out again. I've re-upped for another year w/ my Ironman coach John Hirsch. We're back in this thing to get ready for IM Wisconsin in Sept '07. I hope I can improve quite a bit and get down to a low 12 hour finishing time.

3) Trail racing. This winter I'm going take my first stab at trail racing. I've been doing some of my long runs on technical trails. Its kinda fun, but I've turned my ankles quite a bit.

4) Still trying to get some pounds down. I'm about 183 now and would like to get down to 175 fairly soon. Tri season will be starting back in a few months so I've got to get back in fighting shape.

5) Equipment note: I've finally found the right saddle for my road bike. The Selle SMP Evolution is great. Now my legs will give out before discomfort takes over. Its kinda expensive at $239, but I got a good deal in the clearance section at my LBS at $143.

Thats all for now.