Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I turned the big four-four today. As I move into the middle ages here are some random thoughts:

1) Life is good. Really good. God has given me all I need, and a whole bunch of my wants.
2) The companionship of my best friend, my wife Lisa is really important.
3) I am so fortunate to have my parents alive. My Dad, my Mom are such inspirations to me.
4) I hope I can be an inspiration to my family, my sister, my niece, my nephew.
5) Training, racing, working out help my health. Plus its fun!
6) One of these days, I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It may take until I hit the 50+ age-group, but one of these days...
7) I really am enjoyng this trail running thing. The serenity, the connectedness w/ nature, camaraderie w/ fellow runners is so much more enhanced w/ trail running.
8) Today I will have an "attitude of gratitude".

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Whole Lot of Running

Uwharrie Mountain Run 20 miler race prep:

I've been on a run focus lately. Its kinda fun, especially since my long runs have been at this really awesome park named Umstead. There are miles and miles of single track trails that I've been running w/ my club, Carolina Godiva. Sometimes on Sat mornings we get about 20-25 runners. Got in 50 miles last week. My long run was 3:10. I'm trying to get ready for the Uwharrie Mountain Run 20 miler in Feb. Here's the course profile:

Then here's a description from the race website:

TRAIL WARNINGS!Running the Uwharrie Trail is a true adventure that requires intense concentration. The national forest terrain is hilly and the trail is treacherous. Fallen leaves conceal rocks, roots, sticks, and holes. Expect to trip and fall at least once during the day. If you turn an ankle, keep moving. Dutchman's Creek flows along part of the trail and runners will enjoy numerous stream crossings, which may mean wet feet if you aren't careful. The creek water is not safe to drink.

The trail is well marked with white blazes painted on trees at frequent intervals. Two blazes indicate an approaching sharp turn. Disregard yellow and red blazes. IF YOU STOP SEEING WHITE BLAZES YOU ARE OFF THE TRAIL. Retrace your steps to the last white blaze then circle around until you find the trail. If you find yourself in a part of the forest posted with hunting signs YOU ARE OFF THE TRAIL. Don’t follow other runners into unblazed territory. Don’t become discouraged if you get lost. Even experienced trail runners occasionally lose their way.