Sunday, February 04, 2007

Uwharrie, Uwharrie, Uwharrie

U-R-Wee, I think its pronounced that way. Well today is Sunday, the day after the Uwharrie Mountain Race. It was a 20 mile trail run that was really tough. My finishing time was 4:01:25. That put me in 61st place out of 115 males. That race took a bite out of me, and then just kept chewing me up. I was so glad to finish. Some people were doing the 40 mile version. I got big respect for those folks.

I guess if you're gonna do a trail race, this one had it all. The route was all single track. The trail was MUDDY, since there was a snow/rain storm that hit the area like 48 hours before the race. I bet there were at least 10 water crossings. The trail was rocky, and it was 21 degrees at the start.

All in all it was fun, on a sick level. But I made it. I got kinda demoralized a few times when I couldn't run the hills or some of the more technical portions of the trail. My legs wouldn't go, or I was mentally beatup by having to watch my footing.

One of the cool points of the race was when I was going up this insane hill, where everybody walked that was around me; I passed an Asian lady and she told me it was great to see another person of color. She passed on some positive vibrations to me, and hopefully I inspired her to push on as well.

I ran in a new pair of Montrail Hurricane Ridge XCR shoes. Those things held up pretty good. They're somewhat heavy, but the traction was good and most important, they provided great protection from landing on the rocks.

All in all I enjoyed myself. I got to hang w/ my friends in the running club I belong to, and I experienced one of the most beautiful trails I've ever been on. Now I'm gonna get an ice bath and hope that it shortens my recovery.


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