Monday, April 02, 2007

Training Ramp

I'm back into some serious bike mileage again. I got in a 4:20 ride last Sat and then a 3+ hour ride on Sun. My weekly mileage was at 176. That's like my peak during my IMAZ training ramp-up. If I can hold, and increase my weekly mileage to the 250 range, I think some good things are going to happen at IMWI.

Lately, I've been feeling really good. I did some fun stuff related to training like the Hyco Lake tri. I ended up next to last, but it was a lot of fun. About half of the folks were in an elite tri team. We had a killer cookout and I just soak in the good, positive vibes.

Also last Thursday, during my group run, Curt Clausen joined us. Curt is a former Olympian in the race-walker event. It was a trip because I was killing myself to hold a 7:50-8 min/mile pace and he was race-walking the same pace. That was something else.

Well not too much else going on. The pollen is fierce here in NC this time of year. A yellow dust covers everything.