Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going Back To Cali

That's the title from one of Biggie's joints. I'm heading out to LA first for a golf tournament w/ my Dad. Its an annual thing we do w/ his buddies. Its a bunch of fun and I'm looking forward to it. The only thing, I think I only played 1 round this year, so I don't think I'll do to good.

Also I'm doing the Escape the Alcatraz Triathlon after I visit LA. Lisa is flying into LA and then we'll drive up to San Franscisco. That's going to be a trip, swimming in SF bay. In a way it seems scary, but also it seems fun. I'll be looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge during the swim, wow.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Long Time Since I Posted

Its been a minute since I posted. Here's a few things I've done since my last update

1) I did the Kinetic Half Triathlon. I had a good time up there. The race was in this Virgina state park named Lake Anna, and I camped out the night before. That was actually pretty fun camping. The water was really cold for the swim. It was 53F. Burr. I did set a swim PR for myself, although they shortened the swim to 1500m instead of 1.2 miles. My swim time was 28:41. This turned out to be a 1:44/100 yd pace. That put me right in the middle of the pack for my age-group 17th/31. The bike went good too. I pushed myself and finished 20/31. And then on the run I really moved up and finished 11th in my age-group. I wound up w/ a 5:24 finishing time which was good for 14th.

There were a couple of cool things at the race, one of having the mayor of DC race. I beat him, he finishe w/ a 5:30. He was a good athlete though. And also there was a contingent of US Marines that were amputees. They did the race, some as a relay; I also think some of them completed the event solo. Those guys showed me a lot of heart that day.
2) I've been ramping my training miles/hours. My coach has got me on a bike focus and I got in a little of 200 miles this week. I'd like to hit 250 for a couple of weeks in my IM prep.

3) I converted my old tri bike into a single speed. That's been fun to ride. I've got it setup as a 42/16. You've got to be a bike geek to know what that means. I had a wheel built as a fixed, but haven't installed it yet.

Well that's all for now, plus I'm getting sleepy.