Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going Back To Cali

That's the title from one of Biggie's joints. I'm heading out to LA first for a golf tournament w/ my Dad. Its an annual thing we do w/ his buddies. Its a bunch of fun and I'm looking forward to it. The only thing, I think I only played 1 round this year, so I don't think I'll do to good.

Also I'm doing the Escape the Alcatraz Triathlon after I visit LA. Lisa is flying into LA and then we'll drive up to San Franscisco. That's going to be a trip, swimming in SF bay. In a way it seems scary, but also it seems fun. I'll be looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge during the swim, wow.



Brian McNitt said...

Good luck at the Escape! One note: if you find yourself looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge, you're well on your way to China. ;) You'll actually start by sighting at the Fontana Towers which are just to the left of the white buildings in your second photo, then at the white buildings themselves (Fort Mason) when the current pulls you to the right of the towers. You essentially swim straight for shore for the first half of the swim and the current pulls you to the right in a L-shape pattern toward the swim finish. If you sight straight for the finish, you get a great view of the bridge. ;) Of course, this is all covered in the pre-race swim talk the day before. You're going to have a blast.

I'm doing a swim-only race from Alcatraz in September. Will be my second swim from the rock.

rob said...

Thanks Brian for the tips. That's exactly the way the swim course worked out. An L shaped swim. It was fun.