Friday, July 27, 2007

Racine is for Racers

I got my last tune-up race in for IMMoo in Racine, WI last Sunday. The race was called the "Spirit of Racine Half". Here's some thoughts from the race:

1) Racine is a great town. The downtown area and the area near Lake Michigan were real nice. The locals really came out to cheer for the racers. Some people even ran their water sprinklers to cool down the racers. Very cool.

2) My swim did not go good (44 mins). This is the first race of the year where I didn't set a PR. My goggles kept leaking and I seemed to always be in traffic. My coach told me goggles are cheap and to get new ones often. That's true, because the goggles I wore were the same ones I used at IMAZ back in April of 2006. I've already thrown them away.

3) My bike split was off da chain (2:33). I ain't trying to brag, but I had the 10th fastest split in my age-group; and my age-group was pretty big w/ 122 athletes. I had held a average pace of 21.9 mph.

4) The race was crowded on the bike. I kept running into packs and did my best to avoid them, I even had to cross over the yellow line a few times to get around people. I started in a later wave start and it was just a bunch of people out on some narrow roads.

5) All in all, I feel good about this race. My coach and I talked about pulling the plug on the bike and going for it. I went really hard and based on my performance, I gained a bunch of confidence for a good bike split at IMMoo. I'm going to need it there because that course is hard. I still had some legs to finish w/ a 1:51 run (8:29 pace).

Well that's all for now.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back In The Mountains

What a weekend for cycling. Yesterday I went up to Wytheville, VA and did the Big Walker Century Ride. That was tough, though not as hard as BSG. The ride was billed as 8000' of climbing. I struggled though, pretty much after the first 35 miles. There was this climb of something like 1K-1.2K feet. I was hanging w/ the pack until that climb. Suffice it to say I was dropped like a sack of potatoes. But it was beautiful up there. We climbed up this winding road w/ all these awesome trees. I finished w/ a time of 5:46. Which was middle of the pack.

Today I went out for a 4 hour ride and got in 70 miles. This was the biggest week I've ever had cycling. My total for the week was 259.6 miles. I don't feel too bad, though my energy is somewhat low right now.

I've got a really good feeling about my IMWI prep. I've put in some serious work, much more then I did for IMAZ. John Hirsch my coach really pushed me this year. I think its going to pay off. I'm about 2 months out, and I feel myself peaking. Especially my cycling.

Well thats all for now.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Right now I'm just lounging, checking out some other blogs about IM training. SimplyStu has a good one. He's doing IMMoo also, so I've got to check in on him a bit more. I like the training tips and knowledge he has of the course.

Today was a good day for training. I got in a 2500 yd swim at 5:30AM, then did the Firecracker 100K bike ride. That ride was some fun. It was advertised as over 1000 riders and we had a beautiful NC summer day w/ low humidity. I started down the street from the start as too avoid getting stuck in the back and rode w/ the lead group the whole way. We averaged 23.8 mph. I didn't go to the front I just stayed in the pack. My fitness felt good in that I never felt like I was gonna blow up. I did this ride back in 2005 and it took me 3:26, this year it was 2:40. I do have to admit that I got lost in 2005 for a minute and didn't ride in a huge pack the whole way.

All of my bike training must be paying some dividends. I've gotten in 5 rides of 100+ miles, including a 120 miler last weekend. This Sat I'm heading back to the mountains to do the Big Walker Century in Whyteville, VA. Its billed as 8000' of climbing. I got get ready for IMMoo 'cause its a hilly course.

That's all for now. Big ups to my niece Lauren. Happy birthday girl. Your uncle loves ya!