Sunday, August 26, 2007

Taper Week 1

Ugh, I feel crappy, low energy. I got my last workout in this morning for the end of Week 1 taper. I thought I'd be bouncy and energetic now that the real long stuff is over, but it isn't the case. I sure hope I feel a lot better at the end of next week.

I got in a hard 64 mile bike ride w/ a short, easy run off Sat. The bike ride was a fundraiser for the MS150 group. I wanted to test my bike fitness, so early in the ride I went off the front a few times and gapped the group. It didn't last long, but I felt strong so I did some hard pulls. There was a bike racing team, Simple Green, doing most of the leading, and I felt confident I was hanging w/ them.

Things unraveled though around mile 45, there were a series of hills and I got dropped. I still finished w/ a 20.6 mph avg, which kept the second group from catching me, but I couldn't hang on w/ the lead group.

I'm still having this angst thing going on. I'm feel really impatient w/ people these days. I've got to chill. The week 2 taper workouts are only about 30% of my peak distances, so perhaps I'll get out of this funk I've been in. I don't feel too healthy being this way.

On a brighter note, big ups to my coach John Hirsch, whose racing IMLou today. I hope he grabs that Kona spot as a pro. Dude does some sick workouts and is inspirational w/ his regimen. Gotta run so I can see how he's doing on IM Live.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three Up, Three Down

I finished the last of my Final Prep workouts yesterday. It was a 4 hour race simulation ride + 2 hour brick run. Man that was hard. I tried to talk my coach out of doing this workout and just subbing a 112 miler w/ 3 mile run-off. He was like I need this workout, to run the marathon and not walk.

I walked a bunch last year at IMAZ. In fact, during IMAZ, it seemed like as soon as I came out of T2, I couldn't run even to the first aid station w/o walking. I want IMMoo to be different. I'm coming off that bike and will be running.

The high yesterday was 90F and it took its toll on me. I tried to run the whole 2 hours, but I have to admit I stopped and walked for a little bit. My stomach wouldn't absorb a large gulp of water/sports drink and I walked so I could get some gastric emptying. I felt pretty good on the bike, even w/ this being the last of the 3 hard weeks.

Mentally, I should be relieved, but I feel an inner angst that I can't seem to get rid of. Its like I'm just angry so much. Its weird, cause I'll be nice and calm, peaceful and then any little nuisance sets me off into anger. I don't know if its the training or what, but I want my serenity back. I'm afraid I'm gonna end up divorced if I don't chill.

Well enough of that, that crap is depressing. On the other hand, its taper baby!!!! I am so relieved it finally here. IMMoo I'm ready. Now its time to let me body recover and heal up and get strong.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two Down, One To Go

The 2nd week of the Final Prep phase is in the books. Yesterday I got in a 120 miler + 3 mile brick run. I rode 100 of it as part of the Carolina Tarwheels Bikefest.

I hung on w/ the lead group for about 40 miles and then at one of the water stops we got all separated. I ended up riding w/ the 2nd pack for most the remaining ride. Got in some good paceline work, which is triathlon specific since you can't draft, but it did serve good to force me to push my extertion in order to hang on.

The course had ~5K of climbing so it was a good test for the Wisconsin course since I think is is also about 5K of elevation.

Gotta hang in there for 1 more week then taper! Yes!


Saturday, August 04, 2007

One Down, Two to Go

I'm in the final prep stage for IMMoo. This is where the knife is sharpened and getting the last long workouts happen. My coach, John Hirsch designed the last 3 long weeks as:

1) 100 miles + 7 mile brick
2) 120 miles + 3 mile brick
3) 4 hour ride + 2 hour brick

I got the first one done today. It was tough though, today the high was 92 and I felt it. I figured if I could do this one, it'll be a huge confidence boost for IM. Even though the heat got to me I felt good that I was able to ride the full hundred and then be able to run.

Man I want, not hope, I want a good strong Ironman race at Wisconsin.