Saturday, August 04, 2007

One Down, Two to Go

I'm in the final prep stage for IMMoo. This is where the knife is sharpened and getting the last long workouts happen. My coach, John Hirsch designed the last 3 long weeks as:

1) 100 miles + 7 mile brick
2) 120 miles + 3 mile brick
3) 4 hour ride + 2 hour brick

I got the first one done today. It was tough though, today the high was 92 and I felt it. I figured if I could do this one, it'll be a huge confidence boost for IM. Even though the heat got to me I felt good that I was able to ride the full hundred and then be able to run.

Man I want, not hope, I want a good strong Ironman race at Wisconsin.


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Candide said...

Great work.