Sunday, August 26, 2007

Taper Week 1

Ugh, I feel crappy, low energy. I got my last workout in this morning for the end of Week 1 taper. I thought I'd be bouncy and energetic now that the real long stuff is over, but it isn't the case. I sure hope I feel a lot better at the end of next week.

I got in a hard 64 mile bike ride w/ a short, easy run off Sat. The bike ride was a fundraiser for the MS150 group. I wanted to test my bike fitness, so early in the ride I went off the front a few times and gapped the group. It didn't last long, but I felt strong so I did some hard pulls. There was a bike racing team, Simple Green, doing most of the leading, and I felt confident I was hanging w/ them.

Things unraveled though around mile 45, there were a series of hills and I got dropped. I still finished w/ a 20.6 mph avg, which kept the second group from catching me, but I couldn't hang on w/ the lead group.

I'm still having this angst thing going on. I'm feel really impatient w/ people these days. I've got to chill. The week 2 taper workouts are only about 30% of my peak distances, so perhaps I'll get out of this funk I've been in. I don't feel too healthy being this way.

On a brighter note, big ups to my coach John Hirsch, whose racing IMLou today. I hope he grabs that Kona spot as a pro. Dude does some sick workouts and is inspirational w/ his regimen. Gotta run so I can see how he's doing on IM Live.


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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the well wishing. I felt the love.

Everyone feels aweful during there taper. week one is the worst of the worst. Don't worry, I know what I am doing :) and you have been through this before so you know you will come around.

Also, you sick workouts impress me!