Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two Down, One To Go

The 2nd week of the Final Prep phase is in the books. Yesterday I got in a 120 miler + 3 mile brick run. I rode 100 of it as part of the Carolina Tarwheels Bikefest.

I hung on w/ the lead group for about 40 miles and then at one of the water stops we got all separated. I ended up riding w/ the 2nd pack for most the remaining ride. Got in some good paceline work, which is triathlon specific since you can't draft, but it did serve good to force me to push my extertion in order to hang on.

The course had ~5K of climbing so it was a good test for the Wisconsin course since I think is is also about 5K of elevation.

Gotta hang in there for 1 more week then taper! Yes!


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