Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 Things

I was sitting around and thinking about what to post. So I thought I'd post a "10 things" list of stuff on my mind...

1) Swimming sure makes me ashy.
2) I'm going for the November fish challenge, 75,000 yards. Oh boy, I'm gonna get really ashy now.
3) Cold weather does not motivate to get on the bike.
4) But I really want to get out and sport my new Giordana thermal jacket.
5) Selling stuff on Ebay is cool, but its still a lot of work.
6) I'm glad I've settled down, and lost that "chip on the shoulder - something to prove" for my training.
7) Running on trails is fun, but looking down all the time gets to be mentally taxing.
8) I did a couple of hikes and I'd like to do more. My dog enjoys it.
9) Speaking of dogs, I have a Rottweiler named King that ways 126lbs. He looks scary, but he is really loving and fun.
10) When walking the dog, I've got to remember to bring a plastic bag. King seems to always do a #2 when we go for long walks/hikes.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lake Royale Tri

Last Saturday I did the Lake Royale Tri in Louisburg, NC. That was a nice little race (5oom swim, 15 mile bike, 5K run). There were less than 100 finishers, which in a way was a good thing. Sometimes the big races can get almost too crowded.

The race went really good for me, even though I was still getting over a cold. I finally got a podium finish for a triathlon by coming in 3rd place in my age-group. They even had a little awards ceremony setup w/ a staggered podium stand and everything. I wish I had a camera, who knows when that'll happen again. I ended up being 14th overall and there were 9 athletes in my category.

What else is going on? I've started running again, somewhat regularly. I did a couple of group runs last week and it felt good to hang out again. I think I'm pretty much over the post-IM funk. It helped to get around other folks working out. I even got in a Master's swim yesterday.

I had a consultation w/ Coach J and next season is one for speed. Uh-oh, there I've went and admitted it. But like the rest of us, there's a big desire to get faster. I imagine there'll quickly come a point where I'll just do this stuff for the health benefits, but I'm hoping to get a bit more speedy. I'll focus on some running in the winter, short-course tris in the spring, and some long stuff after that. My target race is the new Beach to Battleship iron-distance race in Wilmington, NC, Nov '08.

Well not much else going on. It feels good to be getting back to a normal state of mind. It was somewhat trippy for a while there right before and after IM Wisconsin. Now time to go out for a trail run!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to Get Back on Track

Its been a minute since I last posted. I took some time off after IMMoo and did unstructured workouts. I did get in a 10K race called the "Carrboro 10K". It was a pretty good race for me as I came in 2nd for my age-group. I ran a 44:09 which is a 7:06 pace. It was a small race, there were only 15 folks in my age-group, but getting to the podium felt good.

While the 10K race went good and I was absolutely stoked about my IMMoo race, I've been a kinda funk lately. I understand that many people good through a down time after IM. I was so focused during training and had this sense of being on an epic journey, that now its over I'm somewhat lost.

I've been just plodding along and putting on weight, ugh. I had got down to 176 during my training and this morning I weighed 184. Ouch! Okay now its time to get back in the game and get back to being active and eating healthily/sensibly. I'll let you know how it goes. That's all for now.