Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 Things

I was sitting around and thinking about what to post. So I thought I'd post a "10 things" list of stuff on my mind...

1) Swimming sure makes me ashy.
2) I'm going for the November fish challenge, 75,000 yards. Oh boy, I'm gonna get really ashy now.
3) Cold weather does not motivate to get on the bike.
4) But I really want to get out and sport my new Giordana thermal jacket.
5) Selling stuff on Ebay is cool, but its still a lot of work.
6) I'm glad I've settled down, and lost that "chip on the shoulder - something to prove" for my training.
7) Running on trails is fun, but looking down all the time gets to be mentally taxing.
8) I did a couple of hikes and I'd like to do more. My dog enjoys it.
9) Speaking of dogs, I have a Rottweiler named King that ways 126lbs. He looks scary, but he is really loving and fun.
10) When walking the dog, I've got to remember to bring a plastic bag. King seems to always do a #2 when we go for long walks/hikes.

1 comment:

Javier said...

You are right, looking down when trail running is tiring. But its Key! Last year I twisted my ankle twice running in the fall because leaves were covering the loose rocks. I don't trail run in the fall anymore :)

I also run with my dog and she gets hit with the need for #2 also. Must be an endurance thing. So I need to walk her first for about 20 minutes.