Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to Get Back on Track

Its been a minute since I last posted. I took some time off after IMMoo and did unstructured workouts. I did get in a 10K race called the "Carrboro 10K". It was a pretty good race for me as I came in 2nd for my age-group. I ran a 44:09 which is a 7:06 pace. It was a small race, there were only 15 folks in my age-group, but getting to the podium felt good.

While the 10K race went good and I was absolutely stoked about my IMMoo race, I've been a kinda funk lately. I understand that many people good through a down time after IM. I was so focused during training and had this sense of being on an epic journey, that now its over I'm somewhat lost.

I've been just plodding along and putting on weight, ugh. I had got down to 176 during my training and this morning I weighed 184. Ouch! Okay now its time to get back in the game and get back to being active and eating healthily/sensibly. I'll let you know how it goes. That's all for now.



Pam said...

nice job on the 10k!! is that a PR?
I totally feel you on the post-im funk (You never warned me about that!!) It took me a long time to feel like myself again after imlp but i found it was good to talk to a friend who was going through the same thing and also i got into a habit of going for a long walk most mornings before work, and that was nice to have an exercise routine (don't laugh, walking briskly really is a form of exercise!) that was not s/b/r. also i started lifting weights again. oh i gained weight too, it sucks. but remember wise words of coach j, you have to have valleys in order to have peaks. hang in there, rob!

rob said...

hey P, thanks for the encouragement. Things are getting better now. I read your blog on long walks and started some myself. Got in a 2+ hour walk over in Umstead last Sun. It was great. Now if I can just lose that weight...