Friday, December 07, 2007

5 Things About Myself

Its Friday, work is winding down so how 'bout 5 things Rob:

1) I actually enjoyed swimming last night's 3K workout during master's practice. To top it off there were a bunch of drills. I took a week off after my November challenge of 75K yards (um-um later revised down to a much more realistic 50K). I ended up w/ 52K. I felt really good in the water. I'm still the slowest one there, but I'm optimistic for improvement.
2) My Dad is one of my heroes. Dude is pretty cool. He turns 80 this coming April, and isn't slowing down a bit. He golfs w/ his partners 2x/week and they get at it. He usually always scores in the mid 80's to mid 90's. Plus he's a helluva dresser. He'll pimp out a brim and a suit and show up real fly. Him and his girlfriend vacationed in Spain last Sept, and they went to Austrialia/New Zealand the year before. He's looking at going to Africa next year. Then he really has a good heart and cares for people. I hope I'm doing that good at 79.

3) As you can guess, I enjoy working out. Especially w/ a big goal like Ironman to motivate me. I've been running for a bunch of years. I was one of those one marathon a year types and then did smaller races throughout the year. I got into this triathlon Ironman thing a few years ago, and I'm feeling it. I've got to give a shout out to my kick-ass coach John Hirsch for helping get to an 11:45 IM Wisconsin (I'm still on a cloud about that race). Plus dude lives in Harlem World, so he gets extra props.

4) I'm one of those athletes that typically finishes in the top 25-30% of most of the races I enter. At IM Wisconsin I was 494/2209 (22%) overall and 81/346 (23%) in my age-group. Every now and then at a small race I'll place in my age-group. Its only happened a couple of times in a road race and once in a tri, but I'm hoping for a couple more this coming season. I move up to a new age-group, males 45-49 so the competition will hopefully be a little bit more on my level.

5) And the best for last, I'm married to a super support crew, Lisa. Much props to you. It really goes w/o saying, but I couldn't have done all this Ironman stuff w/o that support. This thing costs! Some of those funds I know that could've been used for us (another vacation, fixing the master bathroom, I could go on...) went to selfish tri stuff (my Calfee tri bike, my new DeSoto wetsuit, my Seven road bike - which got pimped out w/ new Dura Ace 10 spd components, my fixed gear conversion project, and so on...) to support this mid-life adventure I've been on.

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Anonymous said...

You are enjoying swimming because you are swimming a lot. Swimming is really rewarding like that. Your develop swim muscles and fitness if you do it a lot.

your dad being fly, well thats just a gift :) I hope I am out hitting the links and staying active when I am pushing 80.