Friday, January 04, 2008

A December to Remember

I often go and read the forum entries on Its by far the best triathlon related forum sit out there. But to be honest I probably spend too much time reading the threads. Anyhow, there was a thread that was started proposing 100 runs in 100 days (100/100). The premise is that one can increase run speed/endurance through run frequency, not necessarily doing sporadic long runs. This sounded intriguing to me so I made decision start out w/ a committment to run everyday in December. Oh, the only run for the 100/100 is that the runs have to be at least 30 mins in duration. The pace can be a slow as you wish. I'm going to try this again for Jan, and who knows I may even hit that 100/100.

Well Dec is in the books and I made it w/ everyday running. I do have to admit that there are quite a bit of 30 min runs in there. I didn't have any significant injuries. I did have some tenderness to my left knee in the third week, but that has pretty much subsided. I did get a big benefit of building to an ~40 mile weekly base. 40 miles used to be a peak week for me when I was in my marathon-a-year days. So to get in 40 miles regularly, is a big deal for me. Coach J said in one of his posts that a 40 mile base was a big milestone for him when he was a AGer. I'm going to try and follow this model, and hope for some good results this upcoming tri season.

A look back at 2007

'08 is underway. Looking back at 07, it was a good year for me w/ races. Most importantly, I didn't have any injuries during the year. I had my first full year w/ Coach J, and I reached some milestones that felt pretty good. Some of the highlights were:

1) The PB 11:45 at IM Wisconsion.
2) A 5:11 PB for HIM at Spirit of Racine. One of the highlights of this race was being 10th in my AG on the bike. This was a fairly big race too, with 129 athletes in the M 40-44 category.
3) A 2nd place in my age-group at the Carborro 10K w/ a 44:09.
4) A 3rd place in my age-group at the Lake Royale Sprint tri. This was my first time placing in a triathlon. It was a small field, but it still felt pretty good.
5) Doing the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. Wow swimming 1.5 miles in SF bay, an absolutely incredible experience.

Now I'm looking forward to racing this year, and hopefully make even more improvements. My big race for this year is the Beach to Battleship iron-distance race on Nov 2. This should be a fun one, with a barge swim start, and flat bike. Plus since its local, I'll be able to see some friends I train with and the cost will be much lower.

Other races I'm planning for this year:

Azalea Festival Sprint 3/8

White Lake Half in May 5/3

Mountaineer Half in 6/29

Latta Plantation Sprint 6/14

Hopefully this'll be another good year. I move up to the M45-49 AG, so I'll be the baby again.

Happy New Year to Y'all!




Anonymous said...

shouldn't you tell me if you plan on running 100 runs in 100 days :)

Its not that much different than I suggested, good luck!


Kristoph Kocan said...

I too was going to do the ST 100/100 but then I thought, hey, why am I paying JH if I'm not gonna listen to him! Heck, I almost threw in harmless 30 minute runs on Mon & Tues, but thought better of it!
Good luck, & I'll see you and JH at the Mountaineer. It'll be cool to meet the coach & crew in person. Although hopefully I won't be 3 seconds behind you like at IMWI ;)

rob said...

I know. I probably spend way to much time on ST. Looking fwd to seeing everyone at Mountaineer. Good luck w/ your training.