Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keep Running

"You can’t keep runnin’ in and out of my life" - Yearning for Your Loving, Gap Band

I've been a running fool lately. But I'm enjoying it. I'm still on the run everyday tip. At first when I started this back on Dec 1st, I gotta admit the first couple of weeks were tough. I remember during the first week I had a day trip to Atlanta for business and didn't get home until like 9PM. Even though it was only for 30 mins, that run was tough since I was so tired after being in meetings and taking plane rides. Now I'm about 47 days into this thing and I'm hitting a groove where I really look forward to the runs. Especially the long, slow, easy, trail variety runs.

Now on to my predicament. I'm traveling to Singapore for business and the air-time is like 24 hours, so running everyday is going to be interesting. I'm seriously thinking of taking some running gear in my carry-on bag and getting a 30 min run in the Narita Japan airport. My first choice will be to see if there is a treadmill in the airport lounge (I got the hook-up and get to travel business class, so this isn't too far fetched). If not I might be doing the terminal run. I'm so invested in running these days, I feel like I not only want to run everyday, but need to run everyday.

What else is new? I turned 45 yesterday. Man, that's solidly middle-aged. You know I don't feel 45 though. I guess its all this preparing for triathlons, it seems to make me feel younger than my chronological age. Sometimes in the mornings the walk downstairs to make coffee is a battle w/ aches and soreness, but that feels like a small price to pay to the good feelings I get after a workout. I feel blessed that God has given me the good fortune to have my body hold up. I know it sounds kinda crazy, but it feels like privlege or gift to be able to workout and race hard.

Also now that I'm 45, I'll be the baby in my AG category M45-49 for the upcoming triathlon season. If I can just get a bit of discipline and ween myself from unhealthly, late-night eating habits it should be a good season. I was doing good last summer during my prep for IMWI and got down to 176. Now I'm up to 183 and I feel heavy. I do pretty good eating during the day, but late night I get drowsy and give in to eating some high carb food for energy and end up falling asleep anyway. Gotta change this.

Also I had a doctor appointment and she put me on another hypertension med called Almopidine. I am somewhat of a new patient, since this was only my 2nd visit. It baffles me that I have high blood pressure w/ all the exercising I do. The doc said its just unlucky genetics. I guess she's right, since both my parents have hypertension. She did tell me that my heart is a little thick from this condition. Then she told me that I shouldn't workout until she gets me into the cardiologist. Well you can guess I'm ignoring that suggestion. I think I'd be mentally goofy if I didn't S/B/or R.

On to some happier news. I did the Little River Trail race last Sat. It was a 9 mile trail race that was 95% on single track. To me, the trail seemed fairly technical with the narrow trails, coupled w/ rocks and roots. The race is held mostly on a MTB trail and it was up and down, up and down. I initally was thinking to treat this as a training run, but something about races, I've got to get down and give it my all. I ended up w/a 1:14 time (8:13 pace). This was a 4 minute improvement from last year when I ran the same race. I guess this run frequency thing is building up my endurance. I finished 67th out of 289 and 13/41 for M40-44.

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