Monday, February 18, 2008

Rob, What's Up With You Lately?

Man, its been a minute since I dropped a post. I think my inspirational flow has ebbed a bit. I always enjoy reading blogs where they interview somebody. I'd like to put an interview of my coach one of these days, but he's in Spain on an epic training camp so, y'all are left w/ me.

Rob: Dude what have you been up to lately?
me: I'm kinda in that mode where I'm not doing too much noteworthy, mainly just putting in base miles and trying to get in 10 hours/week of SBR. It feels a bit monotonous, but I know that easy, steady training now sets up things good for a strong summer, and hopefully a real good B2B race in November.

Rob: What's up that 100/100 thing you posted about awhile back?
me: I'm still holding up w/ that. I've gotta admit though that I've skipped a couple of days and had to do two-a-days to catch back up. In fact, right now I'm one run off, sitting at 79 runs in 80 days. I ran this morning before work, and plan to hook up w/ the Monday night Godiva group run to get back to 80/80. All this running has really got my mileage up. I've accumulated 457.6 miles since I started this 100/100 on Dec 1st. Only 20 days left, YES!!!

Rob: So what about the other 2 disciplines, Swimming and Biking
me: Well I've been slacking a bit in those areas. I'm lucky if I get in 2 swims/bikes a week. Though I'm planning to pick it up as soon as this run thing is done. I really like cycling and I'm thinking of putting in a good focus there. Not everyday, but it would be good to go 4 days a week.

Rob: Okay I know you've struggled w/ weight issues last season, what's up so far now that '08 is underway?
me: Oh man, I've fell of the wagon on this aspect. I totally gave in to my sweet tooth and have been consuming way too much ice cream, cookies, pound cake, you name it. I'm sitting at 181 lbs now and I'd really like to get to the low 170's. I feel like I can race good at that weight. Plus I enjoyed going up to the mountains last year for the century bike events. When I'm overweight, I really feel it climbing on the bike. I've just got to get over this mental hurdle, bear down, discipline myself and eat right. The lbs will drop like rock then.

Rob: Okay, I know its a jinx, but what are your goals for B2B?
me: You're right it is a jinx, but what the hell, here they are; (1) It would be real nice to go sub-11. (2) Run the whole marathon.

Rob: Tell me about training for '08.
me: My coach and I have some good stuff coming up. The early part of the season will be spent attempting to get faster. Some track work, some interval bike work, hill repeats, fun stuff. Those things hurt, but they pay off in the long run. Plus it feels so good to go on a group ride and hang w/ the pack up front and not get dropped. That right there is reward enough for hard training sessions.

I've also got it in my head that I'd like to post some new training highs this year, especially on the bike. I'm thinking like hitting a few 300 mile bike weeks, maybe even 350. I'd also like to go to one of those training camps. It'll have to be local, but there are a few up in the western mountains that would be awesome to attend. If that doesn't work out, I'm thinking of taking a week off work sometime this summer, and have a homemade camp. I won't get the camarderie/motivation/competition of fellow campers, but I can put up some sick miles/hours.

Rob: I know you're an equipment geek, what new toys have you've gotten lately, and what are you planning to pick up?
me: Okay here's my three new gizomos: (1) Renn Madiera disc, (2) Louis Garneau Prolouge aero helment, (3) Newton racing shoes. I guess I'm trying to buy some speed. After my wife reads this, my future toys might be limited.

There's no new toys I really want right now, well I would like to get a set of tubular wheels for my road bike. My wheels now seem only to last 5 rides before there back in the shop (spokes, loose hub). If you're a cyclist reading this, don't ever buy a pair of Reynolds Alta Race wheels. They have been a nightmare.

Rob: Thanks for your time bro.
me: Dude you're welcome.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I really enjoyed your interview and hope you get the new tires soon!


Pam said...

Nice interview! Let me say this: I no longer believe in jinxing ones self! Lately, everything I've said I wanted out loud has come true. Just put it out there! What's the worst that can happen? Let me know if you want some info the route and where to park and stuff if you ever want to climb Mt Mitchell. Also thanks for putting the bug in my ear, my tri bike is the best gift I ever gave myself!

rob said...

Thx P. I'm gonna put this to the test. I'm gonna follow in your footsteps and do Lake Placid. That's a race I've always wanted to do. Good luck w/ the training for IMMoo in Boulder.

Anonymous said...

DOODE, you kill me. Only you could interview yourself and have it be ok, in fact it was very good. I think its because your a good hearted person, if I tried to interview myself it would come across like ego mania :)

Also, as your coach its great to hear how you are feeling and to hear reflections. I will hit you on your email with my other thoughts.


Anonymous said...

ps, we missed you in spain!