Monday, March 10, 2008

100/100 and other stuff

100/100 stands for 100 runs in 100 days. The only rule is that you have to run at least 30 minutes. Well I finally got it done. It was soooo good yesterday to not run. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running, but that was getting tough, more mentally than physically, the last few weeks.

I'm hoping that this 100/100 thing will help me w/ one of my B2B goals to run the whole marathon, no walking (well, I'll walk the aid stations). Also I think this gave me a really good run base. Last year, Coach J suggested signing up for a spring marathon. This would compel me to put in the miles and get a good winter run base. I ended up doing the Umstead Trail marathon. This year, I wasn't feeling a marathon, but this 100/100 served the bill to get on that run base.

Other stuff:
Not too much else going on. I did a really short sprint last Saturday, the Azalea Festival Sprint Triathlon in Wilmington. The swim was 300 yards, the bike 10 miles, and a 5K run. I ended up 11th/28 in my age-group. 5 minutes from a podium. That's a big time gap for a Sprint. I've got some work to do in losing weight, and putting in work on the bike, in order to get some improvement in standings.

We got a bonus at the gig, and I ordered some sweet wheels for my road bike. Those Reynolds wheels I have now are jinxed or something. No joke, its like every 5 rides something goes bad. Last week I road and a spoke twisted loose, then last Sunday I had a blowout. It was a sidewall flat so I had to throw out the tire.

What else, oh a couple of books I've been reading. Pillar of Fire by Taylor Branch. This guy has chronicled the Martin Luther King years and its really deep. Its amazing to read how people came together to end segregation. Its somewhat hard to read, but it really makes me appreciate how far this country has come, with Barak Obama seriously contending for the presidency. After I finish, I'll write a good review. I'm also reading a James Patterson - Women's Murder Club novel called 6th Target. I'm almost finished w/ that one. Its a fast easy read that I'm enjoying.

Well that's all for know.



Lloyd said...

that's what I call consistency and dedication. congratulations! now you're ready for some ultras.

rob said...

Thx bro. Man I'll tell you, its hard to get my mind wrapped around running from sunrise to sunset. Though it feels like it would be one of those epic journeys. Especially out on the trails. I'll holla at you soon.