Monday, March 24, 2008

HCH+Crashing+Big Training

What is HCH? HCH is the Carolina Godiva Track Club's last race of the winter series called, "Hard Climb Hill", that was held weekend before last. That race is the real deal. I don't know how much climbing or the grade of the hills, but I do know it lived up to its name. Its a 3, 7, or 10 mile trail run that is held in Duke Forest. The 10 miler counts for 2 races in the series and if you get in 5 races you get a nice CGTC tee-shirt. I had 3 races leading up to this, so I ended up doing the 10 miler w/ a 1:23:54 finishing time.

Now for crashing. I found the pavement during my tempo ride last Thursday. Good thing we were going uphill and weren't moving to fast. I got a little bit of road rash on my elbow, but my rig survived w/ only some scratches to my rear skewer and one of my pedals. I was tired and was trying to hang w/ the group when the rider in front of me dropped their chain, slowed up, and I let my front wheel touch their rear. Next thing I know, bam I'm on the ground. Oh well, its all part of the deal when your training hard.

Lastly, I got in some big-time training over the last week. We had Good Friday off from work so I got in a 2:30 run on some beautiful trails here at Umstead Park. Then Sat got up to a 70 degree high and I did a nice long slow distance ride for 81.9 miles. I guess you can say I got nuked during the ride since I rode out to the Shearon Harris power station. Kinda funny but its fairly popular destination for the locals to ride out too. I saw the AFLAC team out on a training ride, they looked pretty cool since they all had on their team kits.

Then to top it off, Lisa and I got up early and went to Easter Sunrise service at church, rushed home and we met up w/ the CGTC Sunday trail run for a 9 miler. After that I was whupped, but it was a good full block to kick-in my build for the White Lake 1/2 Ironman coming up in May.

Not much else going on. Oh I did get the new wheels I was wishing for. I ended up getting some Planet X carbon tubular wheels that are 50mm deep. Oh these are nice. And rolling tubbies is so much nicer than clinchers. I feel like my bike is no officially been "pimped".

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Pam said...

I miss those NC roads and the warm weather! Sounds like your training is going well!!!