Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rob's Mini Camp

This weekend a number of tri-friends that are doing the White Lake Half headed out out to Oriental, NC for the Spring Cycle North Carolina weekend. The spring CNC event rides on Fri, Sat, and Sun. It wasn't a good time for me to go, but I gotta admit I was kinda wishing I could've been there. So w/ that whirling around in my head, I wanted to maximize my training this weekend.

Coach J,, had me doing the first of 3 race simulators this weekend w/ a 65 mile race pace ride + 5 mile run. Then Sunday was scheduled for 2:30 of running. After the run Sunday morning, I had my super-duper oatmeal (oatmeal+syrup+wheat germ+almond butter+a cut up banana), and a cup of coffee. One of my running friends told me that Carnation instant breakfast is a killer recovery drink, so I downed some of that too. Then to top it off I made a super-duper smoothie (a splash of coffee+1.5 tablespoons of instant coffee+wheat germ+milk+chocolate milk+ice). I was topped off good after that.

With all that caffeine running through my veins, I was sitting around getting fired up about IMAZ going on today. Then the weather was beautiful outside (I stopped and took a pic of the anglers at Jordan Lake), especially after the storm we had yesterday and I was getting more and more anxious to head out for a bit more. I told myself I was going to go out and do some easy spinning for about an hour and somehow it turned out to be a 50 miler. After that I had to get in a 3-fer, so I headed over to the pool for 1500 yds of swimming (mostly pulling).

That was the most working out during a weekend I've done in a long time. I took the pacing really easy today, and surprisingly I don't feel too bad. Now its time to go treat myself to some ice cream, umm.

One love,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Raleigh Rocks

I did the Raleigh Rocks half-mary last weekend. It was a good race for me in that I set a PR for that distance w/ a time of 1:40:00. Sometimes these races boil down to seconds. One second faster, I would've broken 1:40, 19 seconds faster, I would took 3rd place in my age-group. I ended up 7th/43. To be honest though, I don't think I had 19 seconds faster in my legs. All in all I was happy w/ the results.

I gotta confess, I'm a gear junkie. I bought some Newton running shoes from a website called Slowtwitch that I frequent and wore them for the race. They're this bright neon yellow color which is kinda wild, but the technology of the shoes is supposed to promote forefoot striking. There's this pod on the outsole that is under the balls of your feet and the heel is a little lower. They felt good during the race. I think I'll use them for White Lake. Plus I got them for $35 (they were slightly used) so I like 'em even a little more since I'm a knucklehead for bargains.

Training is going good. I'm healed up pretty good from the crash, and I'm back swimming regularly.
I've been doing this tempo ride on Thursday's w/ a couple of friends. Its a husband and wife that are helluva athletes. I think she took 2nd in her AG at IMFL in '06 and raced Kona last year and her husband aways wins or places in his AG at the local races here. He's on a quest to try and qualify at IMFL later this year. I feel kinda bad since there is no way I can hang w/ them. The ride is about 28 miles and I'm okay for maybe the 1st third (this is where they're warming up) and then I'm dropped like a hot potato and going solo. They're really nice and wait for me at the intersections, but I hope I'm not hindering the workout for them. I think I need to recruit some more riders so there's a better chance for me to have someone to hang with.

My Dad is coming to visit next week. He turned 80 yesterday and we're going to play 3 days of golf. I haven't picked up a club in probably over 6 months, so this should be interesting. Man I hope I'm doing that good when I turn 80.

Then my niece was here visiting last week. She's interviewing for grad school here at NCCU for her MSW. I hope she gets in. My cousin went through the program and graduated last year and she had a blast there. They even sent her to Africa for a special project. I think she went to Ghana. I'm very proud of both of my girls.

Pray for Lisa. I'm a believer that prayer works. From my history to where I am today, it couldn't been nothing but God's blessings on me to get me here. I hope things turn around for her. She's having a bit of a hard time after her surgery last Feb. She's a trooper and I know she'll get through it. But you can't help but feel for your wife when she's hurting.

I've been coaching her and her girlfriend to do a 5K race. I even got them doing tempo runs at the track. Lisa is doing the Franklin 5000, which is here in the Chapel Hill/Carborro area. Its been tough for her to keep up the workouts, but I give her credit 'cause on the days she's feeling good she's out there putting in work at the track or doing the trails. You can probably tell I'm proud of her. I hope to put up a good race report for her after the event.

Well that's all for now. Like brother Bob Marley said, "One Love".