Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rob's Mini Camp

This weekend a number of tri-friends that are doing the White Lake Half headed out out to Oriental, NC for the Spring Cycle North Carolina weekend. The spring CNC event rides on Fri, Sat, and Sun. It wasn't a good time for me to go, but I gotta admit I was kinda wishing I could've been there. So w/ that whirling around in my head, I wanted to maximize my training this weekend.

Coach J,, had me doing the first of 3 race simulators this weekend w/ a 65 mile race pace ride + 5 mile run. Then Sunday was scheduled for 2:30 of running. After the run Sunday morning, I had my super-duper oatmeal (oatmeal+syrup+wheat germ+almond butter+a cut up banana), and a cup of coffee. One of my running friends told me that Carnation instant breakfast is a killer recovery drink, so I downed some of that too. Then to top it off I made a super-duper smoothie (a splash of coffee+1.5 tablespoons of instant coffee+wheat germ+milk+chocolate milk+ice). I was topped off good after that.

With all that caffeine running through my veins, I was sitting around getting fired up about IMAZ going on today. Then the weather was beautiful outside (I stopped and took a pic of the anglers at Jordan Lake), especially after the storm we had yesterday and I was getting more and more anxious to head out for a bit more. I told myself I was going to go out and do some easy spinning for about an hour and somehow it turned out to be a 50 miler. After that I had to get in a 3-fer, so I headed over to the pool for 1500 yds of swimming (mostly pulling).

That was the most working out during a weekend I've done in a long time. I took the pacing really easy today, and surprisingly I don't feel too bad. Now its time to go treat myself to some ice cream, umm.

One love,


Anonymous said...

Rob, I am Matt, the guy who said hello during the half marathon a couple of weeks ago. I am going to White Lake this weekend to ride the course and I was wondering if you were interested in joining me for the ride. You can get me at

rob said...

Matt, hey man thanks for the offer, but my Dad is coming in this weekend to this, so I'll be looking goofy trying to golf. Let me know if they fixed that chip seal on the road back to the lake.