Friday, May 09, 2008


At my job I work in the WLPRD (wafer level package research & development) department, we used to be known as APD (advanced package development). We were also known as the TDT (technology development team) and when the group was first formed we were known as TIT (technology integration team). I don' t think TIT sat to well w/ the ladies in our group LOL. Oh wait there's another one (laughing out loud).

Well engineers don't have the lock on acronyms, athletes also have a few of their own. There's PR (personal record), PB (personal best), and PW (personal worst). You might ask what does this have to do w/ triathlon racing. Well my race at the White Lake Half ended being a couple of acronyms for me (PW & PB).

First off the PW stuff. I finished w/ a time of 5:28. I did this race back in 2005 & 2006. In '05 my time was 5:26 & 5:18 in '06. So I was kinda down on myself for that reason. Sitting around and talking w/ friends after the race, everybody commented on how much harder it was this year compared to previous years. The biggest challenge was the wind on the bike and raising temps on the run. I'm not sure what the windspeed was this year, but it did a number on me.

So the swim was 2 mins worse than 2 years ago w/ a 42 min time. I think some of that was due to navigation issues. I really didn't sight enough and at least it felt like I was not following the buoy line well at all. My stroke felt good and my energy felt good, but the the results just weren't there.

This is where I felt like I had the biggest difficulties was on the bike. The wind that was kinda swirling, so I didn't really get that consistent push when coming out of a headwind. Also I felt like I didn't have that extra gear to throw down. In past WL's I always felt like I could drop it down a gear and push the pace hard, but this year it was like I just didn't want to feel the pain. I felt like I was riding fearfully. Whereas in the past, I raced more w/ abandoned. Its weird but I somewhat felt old. I'm in the 45-49 AG now, I don't know, just a feeling like I may be starting on that age-related performance slide. I ended up w/a 2:50 bike split (19.7 mph).

Now the run is where I felt like I shined. The temps started getting up there, probably in the low 80's and people were suffering big-time. I passed a whole bunch of people and felt really strong. I had that feeling like I could run really as hard as wanted, w/ no fear of blowing-up. The last 2 miles were hard as to be expected, but overall I felt proud of my run. Based on the results I passed 19 folks in my AG. I ended up w/ the 18th fastest split for my AG w/ a 1:52 split (8:34 pace).

Coach J stresses being efficient and quick in the transitions. The transitions went really good for me out there. I had the third fastest T1 in my AG and fourth fastest T2. I'm definitely happy about that.

Now the PB stuff. Since the wind was kicking up and the temps were rising, the whole field had it tough too. I had PB's for rankings both overall and in my age-group. I had a major increases in placing, coming in at 22/89 in my AG and 134/570 overall-males. The previous rankings were 42/93-AG, 192/466-overall in 2006 and 41/96-AG, 186/489-overall in 2005. Secretly, I was hoping to crack the top-10 for my AG, I didn't do that, but I did move up quite a bit compared to previous WL races.

All in all it was a good race and I felt blessed to be able to participate and race to what were my best abilities that day. Plus it was very cool that weekend since I camped w/ a bunch of good friends at WL and we all had fun.

Lastly, big ups to Coach J for placing 13th in the pro class at Ironman St. Croix and even bigger ups to his girl Mandy for winning her AG and earning that most coveted of Ironman possessions, an invitation to race this fall at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.



Pam said...

nice job!!! i was wondering when you were going to post your race report. Its hard when you want to compare results when the conditions vary so much. You cant argue with moving up in your age group. Way to go!!!

rob said...

Thx P. I was in a wierd space after that race based on the time, but I gotta realize conditions can influence a race a whole bunch.

Kristoph Kocan said...

Congrats on the PB at the WL HIM. Great finish in AG and OA. Sometimes weather/courses bite you and conditions require that you HTFU and do your best, which it sounds like you did. Other than my DNF at the Kinetic HIM last month, the JH.ORG CREW have been killing it this year. Hopefully I can represent next weekend at the TTT in OH. I must stop now as I'm running out of Tri acronyms...

Anonymous said...


I thanks for the props on my St. C result. I did Kenetic 2 weeks prior and was 15 minutes faster. In fact St Cx was a PW in terms of time, but I couldn't be more pleased. Conditions are always the biggest factor on any day. If you get stuck on times and paces you are setting up for problems, on tough days, those that cannot deal, fold. Always take the day as it comes, and in the end, you did that better then a lot of people and were rewarded with a great placing. I couldn't be more happy with your result.

Your very pleased coach!