Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

"Don't wanna fight me bro,
I'm fast as lightning bro,
ya better use ya Nike's bro,"

T.I. -"What You Know"

I got "What You Know" in my Ipod and will have it playing on I-40 heading down to White Lake for the half this Saturday. This should be a fun trip, a bunch of folks I train w/ are all camping the night before and doing the race. I saw one of the guys last night at the open-water swim practice and he said there's over 20 folks camping.

Its kinda weird though, I'm not as fired up for this race as the HIM races I did last year. Maybe jamming some of that good 'ol hard-core hip hop at loud volumes on the road will pump me up. Here's a couple of pre-race songs on my Ipod that have the pump it up theme:

Snoop - "Pump Pump"
Joe Budden - "Pump it Up"

Then I'll punch up some Rick Ross - Hustlin' and if everything goes good during the race, I'll have to put on some of that Three Six Mafia - "Poppin My Colla" for some post-race jamming.

Alright I'm feeling more motivated already.


1 comment:

Lloyd said...

looks like the music worked... great race. we're looking forward to the race report.