Sunday, June 08, 2008

Today's Forecast 103!

Ugh, this morning I went for my long run at 6AM on the way back I was listening to the radio and the forecast for today is 103. That's nuts. Its early June. Here in NC its never this hot, anytime of the year. Obviously this breaks all kinds of historical records. Maybe Al Gore was right.

Yesterday I headed up to Wilkesboro and did this bike ride called RAW that was put on by the Brushy Mountain Cycling Club. RAW is an acronym for Ride Around Wilkesboro. I did the 75 mile option and is mostly in the mountains above Wilkesboro. The ride was really hard mainly due to the 4300 feet of climbing and the crazy high temperatures. The high in North Wilkesboro yesterday was 97 degrees.

The highlight of the ride was the 6 mile climb up Brushy Mountain. I was in my 34T chainring and 25T cog for most of the climb. There were a couple of rollers, but it was mostly up, up, and up. My computer was reading 6 mph. I was having some issues on the ride. I would get these stinging cramps in my hamstrings from time to time. I was taking 2 endurolytes per hour, but maybe I needed more. One thing, that climbing has reinforced the need for me to lose weight. Those extra pounds make climbing tough. I survived the climbs and got back in 4:26. Even though the conditions were bananas, the views were spectacular at the top of Brushy Mountain.

Well that's all for now. I plan to get some good use out of the new Nalgene (BPA-free) water bottle today, especially since me and Lisa have to run some errands today.


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