Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tri Latta - The MOP Report

Okay here's another acronym for you, MOP (middle of the pack). I did the Tri Latta Sprint triathlon (750m swim, 17 mile bike, 5K run) last Saturday and finished 23/50 for my age-group. That is definitely MOP.
Me and Lisa headed down the night before and since we were so close to the Concord Mills shopping center, we went to one of Lisa's favorite stores, Off-5th. Off-5th is the outlet center for Saks 5th Ave, and Lisa typically finds some good deals there. Sometimes I have a hard time going shopping, but I gotta admit, my girl looks great when she's all hooked up real nice in her office attire.

Well we finally got in and got a good night's rest and headed over to the race site at 5AM. I got in a bike warm-up w/ a few fast spin-ups and then a run warm-up w/ a few bursts to get the blood flowing in my legs. I got a good sweat by this point. I wanted to swim a little, but they didn't have a convenient area for a swim warm-up.

This race was one of those 2 out of 3 deals. I'm stoked w/ my bike split (20.3 mph average) and my run split (7:07 mins/mile), but my swim was, I gotta admit, pathetic. I swam just a hair under 19 minutes which was a 2:17/100 yard pace. I was definitely BOP (back of the pack) for the swim. I must admit, I've been slacking on making the Master's workouts and the results are showing. Also I had some trepidation in pushing it hard on the swim, almost like I was scared to go hard. I think mentally I was worried too much about the water temperature, 89 degrees. But hey, everybody else had to swim in that same lake.

All in all its always a good day to be able to follow this crazy triathlon thing and race. I didn't get injured, Lisa found a couple of nice things at Off-5th, so life is good.


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