Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Short Takes

1) My coach, had an excellent post today about training and results. It has given me a better mindset for this triathlon thing. You know in the big scheme of things its not so much about the results but rather the process. Staying in the moment and appreciating just the fact that I get to do this stuff is gratifying in its own right.

2) I feels like my fitness is gaining some semblance of how I felt last year. I did a couple of local group rides recently (Firecracker 100K, Cup 'n Cone Tour) and spent a good bit of the rides w/ the lead peloton. Although I couldn't hold on for the finish, I felt good about hanging in there for the majority of the rides.

3) Lower your seat for back comfort. I dropped my sit a couple of 2cm and some of the lower back pain I had been having is gone. I rode a century today and my back felt great.

4) The best core exercise ever is lay on your back, elevate your knees (feet off the ground), hands over your ears, touch the opposite knee, alternating back and forth. I try to do sets of 50 and its very effective.

5) Develop a good strong, early, high elbow catch for better swimming. I had a really good lesson earlier this week from Marty Gaal, and came away w/ some good tips. Now if I can just develop the swim fitness to hold this stroke in the open water for 2.4 miles.

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