Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Short Takes - The Southern Version

Okay I totally ripped off this idea from my coach, Coach J did a recent posting called, "Short Takes", which I thought was pretty cool. I got in a 2:15 run this morning so I had a lot of time to think. So since there's nothing new under the sun, I thought I'd post my own version of "Short Takes".

1) I need to HTFU - Okay some of y'all know what that means. I feel like I've been whining a lot lately. My weight being up, my bike rides being slower, my race times being slow. Hey if I want to get faster, being in better race shape, I've got to put my mind to it and train my ass off. If I get the hours/miles/yards in, I'll get faster. No doubt about it.

2) I just figured it out on my long run this morning. The dopest, the best I-tune download I've got for getting through a hard section on my long run is Curtis Mayfield's, "Move On Up". Get the extended version. Man that came up on my Ipod at about mile 13 and my legs got a whole new life.

3) Triathletes, just athletes in general are good people. I've gotten so much encouragement, advice, help from others at races, it ain't even funny. Now if the rest of the world could just get with the program.

4) Don't keep charging forward when you're out on a training ride and get lost. It's much better to backtrack and reorient yourself. Last weekend, in fact on the 4th of July, I ended up on the 540 freeway off-ramp. That probably looked pretty strange to drivers that passed me. Then the same weekend I ended up on US70 near Brier Creek. For the locals, they know how insane the driving is on that road. I'm making a pitch to Lisa for that new Garmin 705. Just maybe...

5) Nutrition is obviously super important. I do really good for breakfast and lunch, but dinner gets me. Wait, let me more honest, its the deserts after dinner is what gets me. If I want to get faster, that late night sherbert, frozen yogurt, cookies, pound cake has got to be limited in a big way.

6) I got this Trigger Point Therapy kit last year and it works pretty good. It loosens up the muscles good and restores some elasticity when I'm stiff.

7) Stretching is important for me. I tend to forget to stretch, but when I do, my workouts are so much better.

8) Its summer now and we're having those hot and humid days. Fluid management is critical. I've found out the hard way that staying on top of my water intake can make the difference between a quality workout and a sufferfest.

9) Speaking of heat and humidity. I wish I could find a good product that protects my car seats after working out. I picked up a seat cover from Pep Boys that works good for moderate sweating, but after a good run, I practically look like I stepped out of the shower and my car seat get wet.

10) Okay I know the pool is for everyone, but 84 degrees is just too hot for swimming. I think the water aerobics folks complain if its too cold, but goodness 84 just makes lap swimming so tough.


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