Monday, July 14, 2008


Last Sunday I raced in the Triangle Triathlon. The TT is a Sprint tri (750m swim, 15 mile bike, 5K run). It was a local event here in Raleigh, so I finally didn't have to travel to a race which was very cool. Another good thing about it being local was I bumped into a bunch of friends and I picked up some good energy when somebody would call me out during the race.

You know this race was good in a lot of ways, except one. The Swim. Ugh, I've done this race back in '06 and swam a 15:50. This year I swam a 18:09. But I'm through whinning, the swim and race is in the books and I'm going to focus on the positives. But I will say this, my swim workouts are about to get real focused from now on.

My bike was really good. I held a 22.4 mile average on a course w/ rollers. It was a touch slower than '06, but I'm a couple of years older and I felt good so its all good. Also I felt good on the run, coming in at 21:29 for a 6:54 min/mile average. Again, it was a tad slower than '06, but again I felt good. I was able to run down some folks in my age-group and move up from 34th in my age-group after the swim to 12th out of 44.

As I was leaving the park, there was 61 years young lady who struck up a conversation w/ me about the race and she told about competing at the World Championships in Vancouver. I thought about her and looked up her results and saw that she finished in 1:25. I am so inspired by her. I did a 1:22 and I left it all out there on the course.

The race was hard, but all in all it was a blessing. I feel really grateful to be able to race in things like this and I hope for many more years of participating. Hopefully I can keep this thing going and hang around and be an inspiration just as I get inspired when I see others racing like that really fast 61 year young racer.



Donald said...

That's awesome! I 've been there too... a 60 year old man climbing past me on the big hills... finishing before me! I'm so energized when I see this. Just like you I say... "I hope I can be doing this when I'm 60 and just as strong as these guys!" I figure we enjoy what we have now... keep doing what we're doing and we'll be there too in 20 years or so.

rob said...

Donald, I know what you mean. Although, its totally cool to see the pros throw down, often its also awesome to see older athletes, or novices have that determination and finish.

Pam said...

Great post!!! I love your positive attitude.