Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In the Thick of Things

"I'm winning... I can't lose... You can shoot me, but you can't kill me. What a day..."
-Alonzo in Training Day

Oh man, the training is getting real now. I've been putting in some serious hours lately. But damn, I sure am tired. Its getting tough to stay alert during the day at work and have some modicum of productivity.

Last week was my biggest training week so far this year. Here's the numbers:
  1. Bike - 233.9 miles (13 hours 37 mins)
  2. Run - 30.1 miles (4 hours 36 mins)
  3. Swim - 11230.8 yards (4 hours 40 mins)
  4. Total - 22 hours 53 mins

B2B is 9 weeks away, 6 weeks to the taper (but who's counting). I'm hoping... wait a minute, not hoping; I'm preparing myself for a strong race November 2nd. Coach J has got me in the serious Ironman build mode now. I mean last weekend was a 65 mile steady pace ride + 5 mile race pace brick run. Then to top it off he had do a 6 hour base pace ride the next day on Sunday. It was a tough weekend of training, but I feel like if I can hold up through these tough workouts, B2B should be one helluva race for me.

Okay, one funny thing, you know you're out riding in the country when you pass a street sign named Cletus Hall Rd.




Donald said...
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Donald said...

Oops... I meant to write:

You are killing it! I hope I don't run into you on the road because I don't think I could keep up. Unless you were laughing too hard from reading the road signs.

rob said...

Man you've been putting in work on the bike too, especially w/ those epics in the mountains. This week has been nice though since I'm tapering for Duke.