Monday, September 29, 2008

B2B The Final Push Week 1

I'm in the Final Push phase for my B2B race. Basically Coach J, sets up 3 hardcore long workouts that act as race simulators before the taper phase. I got the first one in the bag last Saturday. It was a 120 miler + 3 mile run. That 120 miler took a bite outta me. Sometimes I think I'm getting to old for this...

I hooked up w/ some friends and also some riders that I met for the first time. It was a somewhat hilly route where we started in Durham and rode up to Snow Camp. I was able to keep up w/ them for most of the ride, but the last 15 or so miles were downright painful. Everytime we came to even the smallest of hills, I just fell off the pack, and they would wait for me. That made me feel kinda weak, but there were some damn good riders in that group. There were 2 ladies in the group that qualified and did Kona year before last. They were all above my level, so even just staying in the draft line took hard efforts. It was good training though.

Also something weird happened too where my heartrate got a bit erratic on the harder climbs late in the ride. It was a bit freaky, maybe my electrolytes were off or something. I may go see my cardio doc if it happens again. I think I'll have to be more diligent on the Endurolyte capsules. Since it cooled off I haven't been taking them in the quantity like I used to, but I gotta remember you still lose electrolytes even when it cools down.

I swam yesterday afternoon, and I just couldn't get into a groove. I was probably just tired. I was doing some 100 repeats and I felt like the effort was there, but the times were slow, even for me slow. It seemed to take everything I had just to put in 2 consecutive 100's on 2 minute intervals.

Well that's about it. 1 Final Push workout is in the books. #2 is for this weekend, 100 miles + 7 mile run. I know inside that these workouts hurt, but I feel like if I can just hold on, I'll have a really good B2B race.



Lloyd said...

those are some big miles. great job in the heat at the Duke Half. you're almost to the taper... congrats!

rob said...

L-thanks man. Bro the pics of Junie and the puppy are great! Tell Adrienne hi for me and Lisa.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

You inspire me brother! I want to make the transition to Tri's. I guess there is nothing to it but to do it! (smile easier said than done; lol). Have you ever tried
S-Caps I have used endurolytes and in my personal opinion S-caps out perform them BIG TIME!! Though I do like other Hammer products.

rob said...

MJ - thanks, I've got to look into some of those S-caps. Appreciate that. Y'all got me pumped about ultras too. I haven't committed yet, but I'm thinking of signing up for the Holiday Lake 50K up in Virgnia next Feb.