Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Okay I know I'm biased, but I've got the Worlds Greatest Wife. Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary and Lisa got me a Garmin 705. Yahoo!!! Man that was a very cool suprise. I won't go pick it up until next month since we get the 30% discount for being REI members, I can't wait.

I'm so ready to start checking out more of the backroads here in NC on my bike. I'm a lucky dude!




Donald said...

Awesome... Happy Anniversary to you two and Happy You! Great gift Lisa. I saw you on the half ironman on Sunday. We were just out for a training ride and we accidentally ran into the race. I hope you heard me yell, "Go Rob!" Let me know how you did. I know it was hot!

Pam said...


rob said...

Donald - Thanks man. Looking forward to using a new gadget. I remember seeing a peloton coming up on us, y'all looked like you were flying.

I feel like my bike fitness is coming around and I was able to hold a 19.2 mph avg. But that run was another story, it basically broke down to a "just keep moving forward" mode and make it to the end. It was hot out there.

rob said...

Hi P, I enjoyed your IMMoo report. Those were some great pics too. Great job finishing especially on the run when that achilles flared up.

What did you think about the hills on that course? The big one in Verona reminded me of climbing up Lystra. Enjoy your recovery you earned it.