Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Enough Is Enough

My heart has been heavy since last week. Someone very close to me in my family was the victim of a vicious attack that resulted in severe injuries. I got in my century ride + 3 mile brick run last Saturday. I must of been really angry since I did the brick run at a 7:47 pace. It was like I just wanted to run the bad feelings I was having out of my mental state, no matter how tired I was after 102 miles of cycling. After the workout, I rushed home then Lisa and I caught a flight back to California last weekend to visit and I really had to fight back sinking into a real state of sadness.

While I won't discuss the details, I will say this attack was so heinous and I worry about the recovery of my dear family member. They will have to not only recover physically, but emotionally, and mentally as well. Get well baby, we're all praying for you to have a speedy recovery. Also don't worry about being safe, justice will happen, and the authorities will have that person off of the streets soon.

This has also made me reflect on how violence is so often used even for the smallest of disagreements. I watch the news and it seems like there is too often the account of someone being murdered or harmed for really no apparent reason. It was really been reinforced in me that I must never give in to the urge to flip off a driver because I'm out on my bike and they pass too close or yell something stupid out of their car. There's no telling how that could end up.

Also I feel really bad that black on black crime is so rampant. C'mon people we got to get our shit together. This don't make no sense whatsoever. We can't continue to shoot each other, stab each other, rob each other, etc. I mean it doesn't make sense that my mother had to put bars on all her windows because some asshole broke in her house last year. She's 75 years old, you punk-ass criminal, she should be relaxing and enjoying time w/ her grandchildren. Now she's living behind bars in her own house and worried about one of her grandchildren fighting to get out of the hospital after being attacked.

Okay, I think I got some of this out of my system. I remember when I was young, I did dumbshit, but not trying kill another person. Too many people I knew, too many people I grew up with, too many of my relatives are no longer here behind some dumbshit violent act.

What happened to trying to be the best you could be. What happened to get your education, go to college, get a good job, get married and live a nice productive life. What happened to young people listening to and respecting their elders. What happened to wanting to look presentable when you went out, not having your fucking underwear showing cause you wear your pants down around your knees.

I'm just hurt. Hurt about the state of our society. Hurt how this bullshit thug mentality amongst our black youth is so prevasive. Hurt about how another human being could inflict so much pain on another human. Life is scared. Life is precious. Enough is enough. We are all God's children. Respect life.

One love,


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Society is lost Bro! And sadly I don't seeing it get better anytime soon. Our prayers are with your family. MJ

rob said...

MJ - Appreciate that. I know, this has gotten me down. I'm looking forward to my long run tonight to get some of this off of me.

Pamela Ann said...

I hope your family member gets well soon and you too. That is my words of kindness, but I know the damage will never be erased from your memory. It is so much better when you let it out. I found your blog from Marc and Tanya's blog. Take Care. Pamela Ann

rob said...

Pamela Ann - Thanks for the positivity. We had a little setback the other day, since she had to have another surgery, but I'm trying to think things will get better. I gotta admit though, its been hard.

On a brighter note. Your art is wonderful. Looking at your mural brings out really good feelings.

rob said...

Pamel Ann - Oh, I forgot, my wife and I loved your playliste. We were grooving on your tunes last night. Especially that Alaiyah (Rock the Boat) and EWF (Devotion).