Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Okay I'm Nervous Now

Last week one of my co-workers was asking me how I was feeling about the upcoming race. I told him I wasn't fired up like last year. I was just feeling kinda blah. But oh what a difference a week makes.

I'll be packing tonight and heading down to Wilmington in the morning. Now I'm feeling it. The engineer in me is in overdrive. I'm trying to dial in what I'll be wearing on the bike, what to wear on the run, hell I've even been checking the tidal tables to see how the current will be running.

I think I should chill, do some stretching and get a dinner and then get some rest.



Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

It's the "storm before the storm", when you get to Wilmington you will feel the "calm before the storm". I think that makes sense? Best of luck, keep to the wicket! Can't wait to read you report!

rob said...

MJ - Thanks, still got a bit of the butterflies though. Looks like its gonna be chilly at the start, but then will be really nice w/ highs in the low 70's.