Saturday, November 08, 2008

But it was 78 degrees

I was telling one of my buddies at work, we might not see another day like this until April. The high for the last 2 days was something like 76 and 78 degrees. I know I'm supposed to take 2 weeks and do nothing, but I couldn't resist.

I got in a couple of real easy rides last Thursday and Friday. The sky was so blue, the leaves are right around peak color, it even seemed like the drivers were friendly. I discovered something too. Slow easy rides are really nice. Gotta do that more often.


Donald said...

Right on! Even Saturday and Sunday were great... nice and Sunny. This week doesn't look so good though.

rob said...

It looks like ol' man winter is here to stay. In fact I just placed an order for some winter gear at It's my first time ordering w/ them, but they have great prices and free shipping even though they're in the UK.