Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A few short takes

1) Even though we had a string of overcast rainy days lately, its been great running weather. Got in 60 miles last week. Though I think I'll back off this week and recover a bit.

2) It seems like a bunch of chiro docs are into endurance sports. I follow Dr. Marc & Tanya's blog and they do those epic ultras. Then my chiro, Dr. Josh, is a 2x ironman finisher and consistently places in the winter cyclocross series. To top it off his sis is a chiro too and she raced Ironman Florida.

3) Speaking of chiro visits, I almost fell asleep on the traction bed during yesterday's visit.

4) I've gotten 50 miles on the Go Lites, so far, A+ for traction, B- for fit. I got a small blister during my long run in Umstead Park.

5) Its gonna be cold today. Tonight's run will definitely be in pants.

6) Since we've got a shut down at work, I should take a short trip and explore some trails in the western part of NC. It would be nice for me and Lisa to get away.

7) I look at my bike everyday and miss riding. The only thing is that I'm too pooped to ride after the long runs, and during the week it gets dark very early.

8) Okay since I live so close to the American Tobacco Trail, I should break out the lights and do a night ride. Its only 6 miles, but at least I can do some spinning.

9) Me and my dog, King have one similarity, I feed him a bit more during the winter so he'll put on a little weight for insulation. I've also been feeding myself more lately, even w/ all the long slow runs, I've managed to add some lbs.

10) People should bring healthy treats to the office, maybe some fruit along w/ the cookies and cake.

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