Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gear Review This Time

During my run w/ the Umstead Park gang this morning I ran in some new trail shoes I just picked up, Versa Force by Go lite. I think Go Lite is better known for their hydration systems, backpacks, and things like that, however they have a line of trail shoes and since I'm a sucker for a bargain I picked up a pair. I got these for only $39, the retail was $130 so after thinking about it a few days I jumped on them. Go Lite has a number of trail running models, but the I believe their Versa Force is considered a lightweight trail race type shoe.

So the weird thing about these shoes is the outsole. From the pictures you can see its a pretty funky setup w/ the "spikes". I was worried about the stability while running, especially on technical single track, since the tread pattern is so unorthodox. It seemed like the ride would be less stable due to the lack of surface area that actually contacts the ground.
So on the run I wanted to get in 3 hours in order to stay on track for the Holiday Lake build. I know it isn't too smart to run for 3 hours in new shoes, but I was anxious to see how they felt and went for it anyway.

Overall I was pleased w/ the shoes. The traction was unbelievable, especially when going up steep pitches on the trail. Also there's a good toe bumper that came into use during the run, we ran mostly single track that has a lot of roots and small rocks that tend to trip me up. So it was good to have that front-end protection.

Remember the funky tread pattern, well that was also the biggest downside w/ these shoes, I seemed to stumble more then usual. Sometimes I tend to drag my feet when running for a long times and the tread catches roots super easy. Other than that, they felt pretty good.

I know Lloyd's gonna get a grin after reading this. Since I'm known to try all these different gear gizmos. Good luck in CO, we're gonna miss you here in the Bull City. Well that's all for now. We just had to take a 10% pay cut at work, so maybe my new gear adventures might have to be curtailed a bit.



Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

cool shoes,
Thinking about running this race in 2010,
thought You might be interested also.

rob said...

MJ - That sounds EPIC, Comrades Marathon in South Africa, wow.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

I have never been to Africa, why not run an Ultra while there :) The Comrades is I belive the oldest Ultra. If $ is right We may try and do it!

Anonymous said...

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